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Grateful Beds grew out of a mutual passion for the beauty of a well imagined garden, backed by the ebb and flow of the Minnesota seasons. It was something beyond mere coincidence when Cory Barton and Libby Rahn metin 2012 and discovered their love of creating original, exceptional garden designs,
with a little something extra.

Whether imaging new gardens or transforming existing beds, they combines a sense of whimsy with the unexpected, delivering eclectic and elegant gardens that manifest your dreams and desires.

Given their life experiences (and plenty of them), their gardening expertise, and their professions in design, there was no question that together they'd create unique gardens with plants and hardscae. They bring a kind of energy and enthusiasm to your project which is contagious: a great time will be had by all.

Not only do they conceive of original garden concepts using uncommon plants (that play well with others AND come through Minnesota winters with ease) but they also 'rehab' current garden designs using existing plant materials.
Their goal is to improve the quality of enjoyment in your garden in unexpected ways. They meld startling spatial concepts with your particular esthetic, punctuated with found objects and natural stone to uniquely sculpture your space.

Grateful Beds zero footprint garden philosophy minimizes your gardens impact on the environment. They do this by keeping water run-off from your home out of the city streets and out of the lakes. They stragically place rain barrels and beautiful rain gardens in the flow of your garden design and use organic products creating a natural oasis for wildlife and beneficial insects in your yard.

This is the garden design you’ve always wanted.

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