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Spring 2017

A Garden plan with a little bit more.
We're getting a slow start as we reorganize, please be patient. The best way for us to keep track of you is for you to fill out our form.

Grateful Beds provides the following services:

Garden Design and Planning, Hardscape and Landscape
Rain Garden Design
Garden Concepts that you install yourself
Garden clean-up and maintenance
Flower Pots and Boxes

Treating every garden as if it were our own, means working with a budget, putting the money behind us freeing us up to find the absolutely right beautiful solution, for every garden

Choose the way you want to work with Grateful Beds:

1/2-1 hour consultations for $175, giving you on-the-spot inspiration for your yard.
garden plans for $1500 - 3000 (depending on project size).
photo concepts that you implement yourself for $750 - 3000 (depending on project size).

Sculpting gardens with plants and hardscapes | gardeners@grateful-beds.com | 612.567.9751