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We can't do what we do best, without the amazing support of our own personal village:

Kelley and Kelley
Wilson Nursery
Tmberland Tree Moving
Savory's Gardens
Plant Delights Nursery
Magnuson Sod
Klier Landscape & Concrete Center
SALA Architects, Inc, Eric Odor, spouse and 3d genius
Thure Properties, Bill Rahn, spouse and business guru
Catherine Benson, hands down the BEST massage therapist in the Twin Cities, believe me we'd know! (763) 300-5575
Linda (Xinsong) Li, the only Acupuncturist anyone should let poke them with needles (952) 297-5600
Johannson Communications, Joyce is our very own secret PR agent (612) 927-4543
Kowalski's, The Linden Hills Co-op & Clancey's (our favorite road meals)
Settergrens Hardware (they fix our stuff when Libby breaks it : )

Will, Samme, Nick, Bob, Lola, Rusty, Yoshi and the Bishop do what they do to make us smile.

And without each other Libby and Cory wouldn't be having so much fun doing this wonderful work ( :

Sculpting gardens with plants and hardscapes | gardeners@grateful-beds.com | 612.567.9751