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Spring 2022

A Garden plan with a little bit more.
The best way for us to keep track of you is for you to fill out our form.

Grateful Beds provides the following services:

Garden Design and Planning, Hardscape and Landscape
Rain Garden Design
Garden Concepts that you install yourself
Custom garden plans that we install
Garden clean-up and maintenance
Garden Weeding

Treating every garden as if it were our own, means working with a budget, putting the money behind us freeing us up to find the absolutely right beautiful solution, for every garden

Choose the way you want to work with Grateful Beds:

Custom Garden Consultation for $150 up to 1 hour, giving you on-the-spot inspiration for your yard or just some down-to-earch advice based on tried-and-true garden know how.
Garden plans for $750 - 3000 (depending on project size).
Photo concepts that you implement yourself for $750 - 3000 (depending on project size).
Custom design and installation estimated per project.

Sculpting gardens with plants and hardscapes | gardeners@grateful-beds.com | 612.567.9751