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Here are some of the very generous things our clients have said about us:

"Grateful Beds really cares about what they're doing. While working in the backyard replacing a Japanese Maple that didn't make it through the winter, they found big chunks of cement buried in the ground which was what actually killed the tree. Our previous landscaper probably discovered them during the initial planting but neither notified us nor removed them. Cory & Libby dug and dug and then muscled them out before planting the new tree which we so appreciated.
I really recommend Grateful Beds. They don't just make gardens but beautiful living spaces that are both wonderful to look at and spend time in."
- Christina K.

"Grateful Beds did a rather major retaining wall that runs along along our driveway. I tried for years to unsuccessfully landscape this long linear area. Grateful Beds came up with an idea for a retaining wall that had an inset softscape area in addition to the wall. It is gorgeous. I can't believe I waited so long to do something. The company designed, presented and built. The project was a bit tricky and I was amazed at the detail orientation and perfection of this group. Amazingly beautiful esthetic retaining wall." - Lynn M.

"I hired Grateful Beds to redo a small patio area in the front of our home which my husband and I had originally attempted to do. They came in and made great suggestions without going overboard. They did a fabulous job recreating exactly what I wanted..actually better. I liked their work so much that I asked if they could do more with the areas bordering our home and some trees with the same block. Also an excellent job done. I am now making plans to hopefully have them back this Spring/Summer for some more "tweaking" I would like to have done with our landscape. Both Cory and Libby are very professional, but also friendly and fun. They work well together. I highly recommend them to anyone who it looking for outdoor gardening or landscape work." - Mary S.

"One of my brothers parked in front of my house on Saturday and was so impressed and excited. I love it! thank you for your vision and your sense of space, color, texture, and composition. I arrived home late yesterday afternoon and spent the evening in the yard, discovering new plants and appreciating the lay out of all the plants. It is such a nice space. I can't wait for the little patio in front." - Patrice K.

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